Dar Afra Guest House

About us

Hassan and Mohamed, two brothers, qualified as mountains and the desert guides, and native of this beautiful valley of "Ait Bouguemez".
With our professional performances and a real hospitality, the faithful and numerous customers, often become friends; lead us to try the experience of a long lasting rural tourism. This house is the result of a long experience of tourism.
" The house of the peace " is more than a simple concept of guest house, it is a place of sharing, meeting and discoveries of the populations and wealth of a preserved valley.

Valley of Ait Bouguemez

The valley of Ait Bougumez, surrounded by peaks rising over 3000 m, is located in the middle of a limestone massif. Stretching over 30km, the valley is dotted with many villages full of charm: sedentary farmers in the north of the massif and semi-nomadic pastoralists in the south. This valley is rich in its culture for a long time, a pleasant place of tranquility for visitors.

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Hotel in valley of Ait Bouguemez Morocco

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Hotel in valley of Ait Bouguemez Morocco