Dar Afra Guest House

Rooms and Rates

Dar Afra Guest house an amazing Bed and Breakfast located in valley of ait bouguemez Morocco, with confortable and clean rooms, nice views, friendly and helpful staff. Certainly you enjoy your stay with us in this beautiful valley of ait bouguemez.

Rooms Price in Dirhams Price in Euro
Single room in half board 400 MAD 40 EUROS
Double room in half board 515 MAD 50 EUROS
Triple room in half board 720 MAD 70 EUROS

NB: the guest house DAR AFRA offers discounts for children under 12 years old, please contact us for more information.

  • Lunch on request: 80 dh or 8 euro / person.
  • Dinner "soup, tagine, couscous, lamb barbecue, kebabs, Moroccan pastries...
  • Breakfast: traditional of the region "eggs, fresh bread, orange juice, homemade butters, coffee, milk, jams…

Solidarity Action of Dar Afra

  • Dar Afra offer a percentage of 2% of its benefits which are indicated above to the association of Ait ziri village.
  • Dar Afra work with the village association once a year for the collection of garbage in the village.
  • Valley of Ait Bouguemez

    The valley of Ait Bougumez, surrounded by peaks rising over 3000 m, is located in the middle of a limestone massif. Stretching over 30km, the valley is dotted with many villages full of charm: sedentary farmers in the north of the massif and semi-nomadic pastoralists in the south. This valley is rich in its culture for a long time, a pleasant place of tranquility for visitors.

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